Take note of a few points! Subject to them every day, your weight will decrease, and later to remain stable.

1. Limit yourself to food, especially sweets and fast food. Eat more often (6 times a day) not overeating.

2. In the morning drink a Cup of water with lemon juice, 15 minutes before Breakfast.

3. Breakfast should be light, non-greasy.

4. Dinner is for 4 or even 5 hours before bedtime.

5. Change your diet gradually.

6. Also, avoid mayonnaise, substitute it with sour cream.

7. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

8. Try a few times a week to eat citrus fruits because they burn calories.

9. Take time charge: instead of 10 minutes of sleep squat at least 15-20 times every morning.

10. Do not drink alcohol, it increases your weight.

11. Is to eat a variety of food. You can't eat all week one product, because there is a need for other nutrients.

12. Replace milk chocolate bitter.

13. Sleep 8-9 hours, or from lack of sleep your body will replenish energy by eating.

14. Grieve not your body diets, because extra pounds tend to come back in the most unexpected moment.

15. Drink more pure water, because it removes all the harmful from the body.

16. Never eat watching your favorite TV series, programs and other things, because you are occupied with dinner or lunch, and a TV, your body doesn't understand that you enough. At the same time you want to eat again and again.

17. Beware of dyes and fragrances.

18. Energy before you sleep to anything, so the night is not worth it.

19. Drunk before meals a glass of water will speed up digestion eaten.

20. Don't ask for supplements.

21. Chew food slowly and thoroughly.

22. Take frequent fasting days for his abdomen.

23. And finally love yourself!

If you set a goal to live a month without the most caloric meals, while respecting the minimum rules, then in a short time the goal will be achieved, so you can be even healthier and more attractive!