Knitting motifs – a great way to make a lot of original things. But the motives do not have to be complicated to get a beautiful thing.

Collect this bright and cozy rug remaining threadthan more contrast and brighter will be the color of the yarn – the better. Will also need a crochet hook appropriate for yarn size and needle for burlap (to sew the parts of the Mat).

Fit this rug small equal squares (size will depend on the thickness of the yarn and the density of the knitting, is different for each person). To start knit a chain of 20-30 loops of a hook, then the chain – square columns with one nakida. Every row or two rows change color. Each square tie one row of columns without nakida (photo – beige color). If you want to get a rug as pictured, will need to tie 15 identical squares. After all the squares are connected and bound with the same color, shivaite their ranks. Received the Mat once again tie the same color, two or three rows of columns without nakida, or one or two rows of columns with nakida.

Tip: in this way, of course, you associate plaid, decorative pillowcases on the pillows, but then you should choose a yarn thinner than a Mat.