You will need
  • - elastic tights and stockings;
  • - crochet hook;
  • - sharp scissors.
Pick up raw materials for a future rug. You will need a worn out elastic pantyhose or stockings. You can pick up tights in different colors – then the pad will be striped. The manufacture of one of the small products you will need at least 10 pairs.
Cut padded belt decorative tights and elastic stocking. With sharp scissors cut the cloth in a spiral to form a ribbon width of 2-3 cm cut the tape into a ball.
Start knitting. Take a thick hook, dial six of the stitches and close them in the ring. Continue knitting in a circle, performing the columns without nakida. To the size of the circle increased, and the canvas lay smoothly, vymazyvaja from one loop of the previous row and two columns. Ensure that the edges of the Mat do not bear tails – if this happens, vymazyvaja two columns of each of the second loop.
After finishing a ribbon tie to the other end and continue knitting. You can associate a single color rug or decorate it with concentric circles. For vyvazhivanija ended tape to attach a strip of another color. When you are finished, tear off the thread, tie it and mask the knot, with tucked it under the sheet.
If the pantyhose is over, and the size of the resulting Mat does not suit you, you can continue knitting the bands of any elastic fabric. Cut into strips the old diver, t-shirt or other fine knit.
Instead of round carpet can be made rectangular. To create this shape knit chain of air loops. Its length is equal to the length of the future product. Cloth knit columns without nakida. The rectangular model can be monochrome, two-color or striped – it all depends on the color of the tights. When finished, tie the Mat on the edge of the bars without nakida – so the edges will be smoother.