You will need
  • circular or regular knitting needles;
  • - a few skeins of thick yarn of the same or different colors;
  • - the range;
  • hook.
Before you start, you should determine the size of the future product. The standard ratio is 1.6 to 2 m. If you want the edges of the blankets covered the armrests and hung from the sofa, then these options are added at 30 cm On the spokes recruited about 50 turns, which fit the sample length of 10 cm It is necessary to find such values as the number of loops in one centimeter. Then you can calculate how much you will have to get the hinges to get the edge is 1.6 m. for Example, from 50 turns happened 20 cm Divide the first number by the second and get a 2.25 loop in 1 see That is 1.6 m will be of 2.25 multiplied by 160 is 360 loops.
The simplest patterns are the garter and checkerboard binding. It is not recommended to knit a blanket in only the front loops, as its edges are bent inside. Knit garter is an alternation of front and rear series on the one hand, that is, pravasa the front loops of one row and turning the product, the reverse side also perform facial loops. The checkerboard consists of diversified one of the rectangles. For example, in the first row alternate with 5 loops front and back, then continue with 6 rows, 7-m – change loop.
For work it is necessary to buy circular knitting needles on the line, as in this case, you do not have to interconnect the small details. Optional knit in one color, skeins of yarn can be alternated by combining several shades of the same color or contrasting colors. If the product runs garter viscous, then on the front side of the strips will be straight, while the reverse is blurred. In a checkerboard pattern both sides get the same. Typing about 300-350 loops must, in compliance with the order of front and rear loops and alternating colors, knit into the entire length of the blanket. The ends of the different coils it is better to connect on the edge, since nodes are less visible and partly hidden by the fringe.
If, instead of circular needles, use a normal pair, the blanket will be composed of many squares that are sewn together crochet. Their pattern may not match, it will give additional texture to the piece, like a patchwork. Besides, if all the details associated facial pattern, alternating between them in normal and inverted position, the plaid will be a big checkerboard. The edges of the elements bent in one direction, which will later reverse. Edge tied off with a hook, you can add a fringe of chopped strands.