This, as you may have guessed, will be about genetics or about your individual features. All people are different. Someone is always in great shape, even without putting in significant effort, and someone is forced to stick to the pod for a minimal result. One person very quickly to progress when using physical exertion, and others require much more time to rest between workouts, and progress is much slower. One can overnight there are cakes and looks lean, and the other once is enough to eat flour that used for the morning Wake up with "filled" face. All this, friends, is genetics. It determines our strengths and weaknesses.


Life is a existence of protein bodies. And under the existence in the biological sense refers to the metabolism in our body, which is called the metabolism. So, the rate of metabolism - a factor that was largely initially from your genetics. You know that there are people with very thin bones low fat content. These lucky very fast metabolism and do not have time to fat deposited under the skin. Such people usually never follow the diet, eat at night and still look lean. Due to a very fast metabolism so people can easily get rid of fat. But it's very difficult to increase the size of their muscles.

On the other hand, for the press is not very critical, because most rectus abdominis does not require significant hypertrophy in its size, in order to look good. Especially considering the minimal amount of fat in the abdominal area such lucky.

Muscle fiber composition

Our muscles are not uniform in composition. They are white (power) and red (tough) fibers. White, call them again, fast, able to easily increase your size. But red hardy fiber that can not boast. If your abdominal muscles are more white (power) fibers, it is much easier and faster to get in shape and size due to muscle gain. The proportion of fast (white) and red (tough) fibers genetic factor. By the way, people with thin bones and a lean physique the bowl there is a priority red (tough) fibers. That is why such people are difficult to increase the size of muscles.


You are a man or a woman is a very important factor in the development of the press. Men are much easier due to the presence of large amounts of testosterone (which builds muscle) and because of small amount of estrogens (female hormones) who like to postpone the fat reserve in order to protect the possible bearing of the child. In addition, because of these same reasons women have developed some mechanisms that complicate the fat loss in the lower body. And also due to the fact that a woman every month is experiencing lower abdominal pain, it reduced nerve sensitivity in this place, which is the reason for the difficulties in the development of the lower divisions of the press.


The number of years is inversely related with rate of metabolism. Than years more the rate of metabolism less and harder to dry press. On the other hand, if you're over thirty this is a good reason to train and eat properly because these treatments speed up the metabolism. That's why gerontologists prescribe exercise and diet to rejuvenate the elderly is mandatory.


Fitness is not only muscle size. This, above all, energy "podogretoe" (ready) your body to digest a new load. Even if you just ran before, your body has better energy settings, and a better neuromuscular response. This will allow you to progress much faster than the person who never did anything harder the keys are not raised.


Fat is stored in different places. This factor is not very important. However, if your parents have fat deposited on the waist and hands, then you should fear the same. While most of the classic common "problem" areas. For men it is the abdomen. For women it is hips and belly.