Very often what happens is that pyshnotsvetuschy geraniums begin to dry the leaves. To understand why the flower has such a disease, is a snap.

If geraniums have yellow lower leaves, slightly dry edges, but the leaves are quite elastic, the reason of lack of moisture. This occurs most often because of insufficient watering or because of the location of the flower in direct sunlight. Similar could happen because of problems with the plants root system, the decision in this case, the cutting and rooting of cuttings.

If geranium leaves become limp and fall off, the reason for this phenomenon is a surplus of moisture. When the leaves have reddish spots, then this suggests that the plant has undergone considerable changes in temperature. To solve the problem, you must restrict watering of the flower and to push it (in the winter) from the window.

Another reason for drying the leaves of geranium — transferring the flower from the open ground to the apartment and Vice versa. Once the plant a little acklimatiseras, drying the leaves will stop automatically.

In winter the flower died, it is necessary to create certain conditions: to give diffused light, cool (temperature should not exceed 15 degrees), watering once every two weeks, and little by little, and only in the morning.

If the conditions of detention of geranium in normal range, but the flower continues to dry the leaves, you may have fungal diseases, for example, the defeat of rust. If the sheets are stained red-brown, then the solution - spraying flower special antifungal, such as five percent Bordeaux liquid.