At an early age children can't explain in words what's bothering them. So the cry is a form of communication with parents. So a child may report that hungry, he's uncomfortable or something hurts. No distractions, no yelling.Get older, child in the night screaming due to the fact that begins to see disturbing dreams. More susceptible to this sensitive children with a vulnerable psyche. A wealth of new information received during the day and lively imagination often lead to nightmares. Through it passes the majority of children of preschool and younger school age, therefore this behavior is no big deal.Nightmares are associated with excitement, which the brain needs a longer relaxation than usual. It is believed that a child cries at the moment of transition from the deep sleep phase into light as at this moment in the cerebral cortex due to excessive fatigue initiation occurs simultaneously with the relaxation. And this contradiction causes nightmares. But the exact cause until science can not explain.Sometimes the child cries without waking up. In this case, parents should not Wake him up, the screaming will pass as suddenly as it began. In order for the child to feel protected, you just hug him to calm him down. In most cases the next day, the children do not remember the incident.To completely prevent such sounds unlikely, but minimize them. This requires that the time before sleep has passed most quietly, with no active playing games and watching aggressive programs. As children's imagination is very rich, she can transform into a nightmare even a harmless fairy tale. Therefore, the selection of books for evening reading and must be approached responsibly.