If your nursing baby sleeps badly, wakes up often and cries, make sure that the child enough milk. This will help weigh. Possible causes of anxiety, poor sleep is a shortage of weight due to insufficient amount of mother's milk. Try to solve the problem of lactation: adjust mode (sleep and rest must be high quality); follow the diet; increase the amount of fluid in the diet; do chest massage; point massage to increase lactation.
The first three months try to swaddle the baby for sleep time. Children in diapers Wake up less and sleep longer. When the movement of the baby is limited, he is less likely to Wake up.
Some kids constantly Wake up at dawn. Watch what can Wake the baby. Maybe the noise of cars in the yard or penetrating window light. Baby may Wake up at a time when his sleep goes from one phase to another: in this case, try to soothe him, gently patting on the back, OPAQ.
During daytime sleep * allow the child to choose the time to rest. Some kids fall asleep for 45 minutes three times a day, others sleep twice for an hour and a half. Each toddler can develop his daytime sleep schedule, and you have got to come to it.
There are children - "larks" in nature and change the course of their internal clock, you can not. If this kid doesn't sleep well or wakes up early, train him gradually to lie down for 20-30 minutes earlier than usual.
Develop a ritual in the form of a series of common tasks (bathing, feeding, sleep) which will help your baby to transition from wakefulness to sleep.
Some of the older kids throw a tantrum before going to bed. In most cases this serves as a discharge, without which the baby can not switch from one state to another. Give a kid more time to prepare for bed, the evening will devote quiet, quiet games, and a day to install the clear mode.