Newborn babies do not cry without a reason. They can't, contrary to popular belief, simply "capricious." If the baby is crying, not satisfied some of his basic needs, without which it is impossible to further normal existence and development. The child will scream until then, until the problem with which he was confronted, not resolved, so the screaming stopped, it is necessary to find the cause and try to resolve it.

The reasons for the cry babies are not so little. Here are the most common ones.

Wants to eat

A newborn infant grows rapidly, so needs food every 2 – 2.5 hours. But the problem is that their own to satisfy the hunger of a child can not, therefore, he a loud cry alerts the adults that are hungry, while smacking his lips and making sucking movements with the mouth. With food to eat, a hungry baby quiets almost immediately.

Stomach cramps

The digestion process in the first 2-3 months of life the newborn is only getting better, and the gastro-intestinal tract is not yet completely formed. Therefore, in this age of the baby is often plagued by cramps. The baby cries loudly, often some time after feeding or even during it.

To relieve the suffering of infants, it is necessary to ensure that after feeding the baby spits up, releasing the excess food and air. You can get a massage around the navel, put on his tummy warm diaper, bring the baby's legs to the stomach. Definitely need to put a baby on his tummy from the first weeks of life.

The discomfort of diaper or clothing

Some children react violently to a wet diaper, and it is natural: the newborn's skin too thin and delicate, and exposed to urine, feces, just a broken temperature and high humidity causes irritation (so-called "patricku"). It is clear that the child is not a pleasure, and he responds by screaming. For the same reason, the kid can be concerned about uncomfortable clothing even the slightest crease can cause him suffering.


The nervous system is not only the newborn, but the older child is still very imperfect: the processes of excitation dominated over inhibition, therefore, if a baby is overtired, it is difficult to soothe themselves to sleep. In this case, he starts to act up, cry, may behave even more noisy and active than usual, atalayas even more. The child needs help to calm down.

You can try to turn off the light, remove extraneous noise, shake a baby. Surprisingly, many children fall asleep under the so-called "white noise", which arises during operation of dryer, vacuum cleaner and other appliances humming evenly. Some kids quickly calm down in a moving vehicle.

Heat or cold

Thermoregulation of the newborn is still imperfect, so he felt very uncomfortable when too high or too low ambient temperatures. Especially dangerous for infants heat: the baby may have a fever, his skin reddens, and he begins to cry loudly. At the same time, the cool air a newborn takes quite firmly. One should not unnecessarily coddle the baby to avoid overheating, but the drafts can be dangerous.

The need to communicate

The newborn child needs to communicate to a greater degree than an adult. Direct contact skin-to-skin, gentle tone of her mother's voice, the warmth of her body giving him a feeling of peace and security, and is a necessary condition for the normal mental development of the child in the early stages of life.

It is noticed that the babies, trapped by fate in an orphanage immediately after birth, very quickly, cease to cry: they feel that they need to communicate can not be satisfied, and cease to signal that need protection and care.

Studies have shown that such trauma with age leads to incorrect formation of the emotional sphere of the child, and the consequences of it are not amenable to correction and leave a mark in the human psyche for life. So do not be afraid once again to take the baby in his arms and give him a sense of peace and security which he needs.