You will need
  • - baby scales;
  • - room thermometer;
  • - the means to care for baby's skin.
Hunger is the most common for infants the cause of the awakening. Sleeps well only fed the baby. Constantly crying baby in this way makes it clear to the mother that it is time to feed. Initially, a newborn sleeps up to 22 hours a day and is fed a slight amount of milk. Around the third month of life, sleep duration declines to 17 hours, and awake time increases. It was then that the child begins uneasily to sleep, if he doesn't eat. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the weight of the child and to provide him with regular, proper and sufficient food, regardless of time of day. If the baby constantly wakes up, it might not have enough breast milk and need to Supplement with formula.
A baby not sleeping when it's hot. The norm for infants is considered to be room temperature from +18 to +25 degrees, which is during sleep exceed recommended. Better warmer to dress your baby or to cover a thin blanket, but not to put him to sleep in a hot or stuffy room. If an infant is cold, it is also bad to sleep.
Sometimes the child sleeps poorly because he was sick. Some diseases are no obvious symptoms: fever, cough or runny nose. The baby may worry, for example, a yeast infection or otitis media, so inexperienced mothers do not immediately identify a cause of poor sleep. Infants children under the age of six months often colicky and Gaza, and older children for the first time prorezalsya teeth. This is a very common causes of poor sleep.