Store home worn clothes and shoes, which has already served its purpose – a battery of negative energy. If the thing you value, and you are going to wear it yet – fix it, wash it and put in its rightful place. If old clothing or shoes postponed "until better times", "to give", "until when will lose weight" – it is better to take out from the house.
If ware repulsed the handle has chips and cracks is it dangerous. It spoils the energy of food and simply "poisons" you. Cups and plates break is not accidental: it is a sign that your house is not all right. Get rid of broken crockery with no regrets!
Winding plants (vines) place on the outside walls of the house – then they protect the house from the harmful effects of a foreign power. Located well inside the room, they attract diseases. If you really want to have a home vine, purchase or fabricate a spherical wire frame in the form of a ball and appetite his shoots – so you will neutralize the negative impact.
Dried flowers in General carry a positive energy. The only exception is the feather grass and reeds. Keep them in the house it is considered bad luck, because they portend the impending death of someone from the household. The same applies to branches of conifers – pine and spruce. With the exception of the Christmas holidays, in ancient times, commemorated their ancestors. At this time, decorated with branches of fir or pine is appropriate.