Cactus brings the mistress of solitude

There is a sign that you have not found your second half the girls in any case not to keep the house cacti. It is believed that the girl in the presence of the cactus will remain alone, will not create a family. Many scoff at the sign, not realizing how the presence of certain plants may affect your personal life. After all, passionate about some business person is much more likely to find a kindred soul, a kindred spirit, which apart from the personal sympathy, something to talk about. But this sign is rational, and in some cases, the collection of cacti may indicate problems in the relationship with the opposite sex. But the cause of this cactus, of course, are not - only signal.

It is believed that most people project to the outside world what is happening in their soul - emotions, images and desires. And the girl, enthusiastically planting prickly green friends on the window sills, it may thus show their desire to protect themselves from the outside world and from people. In this case, when the internal person is ready to contact and relations, cacti will cease to be a favorite pastime. The presence of cacti at home, even in this situation is still a plus. Whatever caused this rejection of close contacts, the fascination with cacti distract from this problem, will leave it in the past and find new friends with the same interests.

Signs associated with cactus

A much more common option, when the girl just like cacti, and no problems with communication it does not. Many people like to take care and undemanding prickly plants and watch the result of care and attention surly the plant blooms. Many girls feel sorry for the cactus tenderness and affection, not wanting to isolate yourself from the outside world. This love and concern will certainly sooner or later will attract the attention of an interesting man.

In addition, there is a sign that the cactus is guarding from thieves the plants, as well as growing in Central Thistle. Spines can really seriously injure a person, so many perceive cactus as a protective amulet. Flowering cacti in the house foretells a pleasant event - a pregnancy or a wedding.

In General for anxious and insecure person who is frightened of each recognized national signs and seeks her confirmation, would you work on yourself, as all items to protect will not work. Things, and especially plants, rarely carry the negativity with his presence, and by getting rid of all cacti, the problem to solve is unlikely.