The secret to capsicum tincture

Tincture is made from hot peppers and alcohol. All these components tend to be quite warm the skin, which leads to the intense tide to the scalp blood. Such a process forces faded hair follicles "Wake up". As a result, the curls should be more nutrients and oxygen.

Pepper tincture is slightly irritating to the skin and can cause a burning sensation. But this inconvenience kompensiruet a great result, because when using tincture of pepper glands of the scalp returns to normal is dandruff. Moreover, increased hair growth (per month approximately 4 cm), they become stronger and dense.

Where to get pepper tincture

A tincture of hot pepper can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own.

For home infusions need alcohol or vodka, Cayenne and capacity of dark glass. In the washed bottle is laid chopped peppers and poured alcohol (vodka) in the following ratio: 1 tablespoon of raw material per 100 ml of alcohol.

The capacity is tightly sealed and insist in a dark place. Periodically a bottle of capsicum with tincture needs to be shaken. After 14 days, the tincture is ready. It is necessary to strain through cheesecloth. Tincture stored in the refrigerator.

How to use pepper tincture

The most common method of applying the burning liqueur – added to hair masks. The traditional recipe for the mask:

  • pepper tincture-1 part;
  • vegetable oil - 2 parts;
  • water is 2 parts.

Mask rubbed into the hair roots. On the head put a plastic shower cap and a warmed towel. The duration is at least 20 minutes. But if you have severe burning, a mask is better to wash off. For the next mask to use a lower concentration of capsicum tincture.

The frequency of the use of pepper mask depends on the type of hair. For normal hair mask is about 1 time a week. 2 times a week I make a mask for oily hair. For dry hair mask, apply not more often 1 time in 10 days. The greatest effect will manifest after a three-month course.


For dry hair tincture is used with caution. The alcohol in the tincture can cause even more dryness of the hair and dandruff. In this case, be sure to respect the dosage and add in a tincture of vegetable oil – almond, burdock or flax.

After using the tincture it is impossible to injure irritated skin on the head. You should not use styling products and a stiff brush for the hair. Hair coloring and perming is also better to postpone for another time.

When using a tincture of hot pepper should be protected from the eye, or discomfort can not be avoided. If hands dry skin, before applying it is best to wear gloves made of cellophane. Pepper tincture can cause a rise in pressure. If you experience a headache it is necessary carefully to wash the head.