Than good burdock oil with red pepper

This means you can find a lot of reviews. Moreover, the oil promotes hair growth, it also nourishes. This is due to the rich composition of burdock oil, which contains a complex of vitamins, essential and tannins, fatty acids, mineral salts.

Vitamins a, C and E for the shortage in the body, getting into the hair through the follicles. Selenium, zinc, silicon and calcium make them more sturdy. Sulfur prevents the formation of dandruff and cleanses the scalp, and the tannins soothe the itching. Essential components have antimicrobial effects and improves the structure of hair. Further cleanses the skin, promoting the inflow of nutrients in onions, inulin, which also absorbs harmful substances and improves blood circulation.

Assists in the red pepper, because of its irritating properties, accelerating the flow of blood to the head, but that's not all. It also has its own vitamins and nutrients, making the mask more effective.
You can find the finished composition, but to make a mask with burdock oil and pepper at home is also possible, it is enough to mix in equal proportions the very oil and dry red pepper, or tincture it.

Who is the mask of burdock oil with red pepper

The most popular is its use with hair loss and insufficient growth rates. In this situation, the oil stimulates the metabolism and after a course of treatments comes visible improvement. But no less effectively pepper the mask works as a regular nutritional eliminating dryness of the scalp, fighting dandruff and adding Shine.
As prevention is enough to apply oil once a week and to improve the growth will take at least 10 masks, applied every two or three days.

How to use

If you use ready-made butter with pepper, then simply apply it on the scalp with fingertips and massage in hair roots at least 5-7 minutes. After that, you must head to wrap a towel for quarter of an hour. In that case, if the composition is prepared independently, prior to application to the skin the ingredients must be mixed until homogenous.

Once a week before applying the oil on the head, you can do a cleansing and warming massage with not too large of sea salt, which also will improve blood circulation. Washed off oil usual shampoo, which will be enough to apply and rinse twice.