You will need
  • Mobile phone with a positive balance.
Send money to the callerby dialing *133* then the transfer amount after *, and then the destination number and #. "Sending" money to a customer of MegaFon costs 5 roubles regardless of the amount. For sending part of your balance to any number in Russia you have to pay from 2 to 6% of the amount transferred (for details check with the operator). The service is available to subscribers of "MegaFon" is the default and requires no special connections. If all is specified in the command numbers correspond to the conditions of the service "Mobile transfer", you will receive an SMS notification on successful transfer of money.
To disable the service "Mobile transfer", send an SMS with the text 2 to the number 331 or dial on your mobile *105*220#. To reconnect to the "Mobile transfer", send an SMS with text 1 to the number 3311 or dial on your mobile phone *105*220*0#.
Will offer to the subscriber of "MegaFon" another opportunity to be in touch with zero balance – "call for friend's expense". Want the other person to let you pay for a conversation with him, he should dial 000 and your room. During an incoming call you will see the caller's name. If you accept the call, the system "MegaFon" will tell you the subscriber number and the invitation to accept the call, which you will pay at the rate of 3 rubles per minute. If you agree to these terms, press "1" during or immediately after application, and then the connection to happen. If you do not agree to pay for the call, reject the call.