You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • mobile phone;
The easiest way to put money to the other party is to use the terminal of payment of cellular communication, for example, qiwi. Select your mobile operator from the list, click on it. In the window that appears, enter a recipient number, to which you will Deposit funds. Check the number is correct. If everything is correct, click "Pay". Don't forget to take a receipt, which is required for payment confirmation in case of failures.
To replenish the balance of the mobile recipient's phone you can use a credit card. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the pin code. In the appeared menu, click "Payment of cellular communication". Specify the operator. Enter the mobile phone number and check that it is correct. Then click "Pay". The funds will be debited from the account of your Bank card.
To credit money to the mobile phone balance, use the services of Internet-money, for example, Yandex.Money." Open a page on the Internet and воqдите in your virtual wallet. Click on the link "Pay". Select "Mobile communications". Enter the phone number you want to transfer the funds and click "Pay".
Balance of another subscriber of cellular communication can be recharged using mobile transfer.
If you are a subscriber of "MegaFon", then enter your phone with the following code: *133*number of the subscriber will be credited the money*amount# and press "Call". The minimum transfer amount of 10 rubles. The cost of service is 5 rubles.
For subscribers of "Beeline" you need to enter the following: *145*phone number*amount# . Then press "Call".
Clients of the company "MTS" it is necessary to send SMS-message to number 9060 with text 9ХХХХХХХХХ (telephone number) 100 (amount) XXXX (password). In response you will receive a confirmation message.