For the implementation of mobile money transfer on the account of another subscriber to first check the availability of funds in your account. It after the operation, must be not less than 150 rubles. In addition, the minimum amount for transfer is 10 rubles.
Then connect the service "Mobile transfer" service on my sim card. To do this, send a free sms with the number "1" to the short number 3311.
Then transfer funds to the subscriber number of the network "MegaFon", making the following request: *133*amount of transfer in rubles*ten-digit subscriber number (for example, *133*100* 921ХХХХХХХ) and press the call button. In the request you must specify the service characters specified in the example, otherwise it will not be processed by the operator "MegaFon".
Then your phone number will receive a text message containing the activation code of the funds transfer. This code send the response message to the number he received. If you don't send the confirmation code, the transfer will be made, and the money from your account will not be charged.
Within a few minutes, the person you transferred money from your mobile account, will go the chosen amount, and you will receive an sms message about the successful transfer.
For each completed transfer, regardless of the amount, your account will be charged Commission in the amount of 5 rubles.
To transfer funds from their mobile account to the account of another subscriber you may not more than 5 times a day.
Transfer funds from your mobile account may be made only to subscribers of cellular communication "Megaphone".