Preparing an omelette in a slow cooker on the basic classic recipe. Its ingredients can become all sorts of additives that will give a new taste to the dish and increase the benefit.

Proportional to the desired number of servings is changed and the number of ingredients in the recipe for scrambled eggs. Part of the classical basic recipe consists of milk, eggs and salt.

The amount of time for cooking will depend on the thickness of the omelette (or rather elevation), the model multivarki and power of electricity.

Diet omelette does not require the addition of various disintegrating agents and fillers. Omelet in a slow cooker is lush and the desired texture if the milk-egg mixture is whipping, and pierced with a fork the yolks just to mix.

More gentle, diet will naturally steam the omelet in multivarku. But it does not have a beautiful Golden crust, which is baked in a slow cooker scrambled eggs.

Recipe for omelet in a slow cooker

For cooking scrambled eggs in the tenderised we will need 5 eggs, 1 Cup milk and a pinch of salt.

Omleta mix eggs with milk and salt are mixed in a deep dish, but, as mentioned earlier, without much enthusiasm.

Omelet baked in a slow cooker

In this case, the omelet cooking in the pan multivarki, greased it with olive oil.

In a greased casserole dish filled omleta mixture.

In the "baking" omelet in a slow cooker is cooked for 20 minutes.

Cooking time can vary in any direction, it depends on the amount of the mixture of the electric network in the house, the power unit.

The finished omelette is derived from the slow cooker off for about 10 minutes, so it is not opal.

Omelet in a slow cooker for a couple

Choose for cooking omelets heat-resistant form (ceramic, metal, glass) and pour it a milk-egg mixture. The form of a cover is not necessary.

Then shape and put in a basket for steaming.

Preparing an omelette in a slow cooker for a couple of half-hour in "boiling".