You will need
    • Chicken eggs - 2 pieces
    • quail - 10 pieces
    • milk or cream - 1/2 Cup
    • 2 teaspoons butter
    • water
    • salt.
In order to prepare the omelet, you need to take a large pot, silicone or enamel bowl, whisk or mixer. In these purposes you can use a food processor. First, the dishes should be well rinsed in running water and dry.
Choose fresh eggs and clean, preferably before cooking them to wash in warm water with brushes for washing dishes. Eggs should be used at room temperature. Preferably the butter to melt and add to the end of the whipping. Salting scrambled eggs is recommended before the whipped mixture is poured into a mold. Milk is best to use heat. Cold will not work, and hot will make the color of scrambled eggsand gray, and he scrambled non - uniform in consistency. It is possible to use low-fat cream, then scrambled eggs will be more fragrant and sweeter taste.
You then need to whisk the eggs and milk until smooth, add salt and butter and continue to whisk into a thick foam. Preferably on the surface the presence of multiple bubbles. This will give the future omeletfrom lightness and tenderness. Pour the mixture into the mold or bowl. Grease the bottom is not necessary, as in the composition of the liquid mixture already contains oil.
In a large pan should be poured 2 liters of pure water and boil. Then you need to put inside the form so that the water barely came to the top and not trapped inside. Then cover the pan with a lid and leave for 5-10 minutes on low heat. The cover is not open. Get a form, free of the omeletand flipping it over on a plate. Decorate with fresh vegetables, herbs, lemon wedges and any sauce to taste. Feeding should be in the form of heat.
Depending on the fat content of milk, used in cooking, varies the calorie content of the original product. The initial volume in the finished product increases 3-4 times. The omelet is supposed to be a lush, airy and pale yellow.