Natural flavor, exuding unobtrusive favorite scent, will effectively and safely freshen the air in homes, public areas, the cabin of the car. In addition, these flavors can be used to fragrance clothes, protect clothes from moths, eliminate unpleasant odors from refrigerator and microwave ovens.

Manufacturer of dry natural flavoring

For making this air freshener you will need a thick cloth, having a mesh structure can be burlap, rough linen, canvas for embroidery. From a small flap of fabric sewn bag or any simple figure.

самодельный освежитель воздуха

Stepping back 1-2 cm from the upper edge of the bag holes, through which the threaded ribbon or a beautiful ribbon. The ribbon is easily untied and open access to the content of the flavoring to replace it as weathering the smell.

The finished pouch is decorated with decorative elements, sew the loop and proceed to the gasket filler. As filler can be used coffee beans, aromatic blend of cinnamon and vanilla, cloves and dried orange peel, anise, caraway, fennel.

кофейный ароматизатор

Fans of herbs can fill the pouch with dried mint, lavender, lemon balm, vervain, chamomile or finished herbal collections and teas.

For those who love coniferous scents, the ideal option would be filling the bag with fresh sawdust or small pieces of fragrant wood with a few drops of essential oil fir, pine, cedar.

Replacing the wood can be coarse sea or table salt. The salt absorbs and stores fragrances of essential oils, has a healing effect on human health.

Manufacturer of liquid and gel with natural fragrance

To create a liquid flavoring could use some bottles from essential oils or medicinal drugs. These bottles can be decorated to your own taste: to paint stained glass paint, to decorate in decoupage technique, covered with fabric, etc.

Capacity cut cork bottle stoppers, which make a small hole and is passed through a decorative lace. The bottle is filled favorite essential oil or a composition of several oils. Lace is dipped in oil, soaked them and begins to exhale a delicate fragrance.

освежитель воздуха с эфирными маслами

For a richer flavor you can add few drops of essential oil on the surface of the tube.

Gel flavor is made with gelatin, glycerin and essential oils. Sachet gelatin dissolved in water according to the instructions, after which it is mixed with 1-2 tsp. of glycerin until a homogeneous dense mass.

To give the flavor an attractive appearance, the mixture can be colored with water-soluble food dyes or gouache, to add decorative elements: flowers, twigs of plants, beads, small shells, etc.

The cooled mixture is added a few drops of essential oils, after which the mass is spread into a prepared container and leave until fully cured. Customise the fragrance in the curly transparent vials.