You will need
  • Directly the essential oil of several kinds (the more the better)
  • Jojoba oil as a carrier substance or a 90% alcohol
  • Water
  • Smelling the paper (plain paper, cut in strips)
  • Bottles for perfume
  • Imagination and intuition
To begin with, we will need to determine the base note of your perfume. For this you need to simply choose the scent that you like more than others. If the choice is problematic, it is possible, for example, turn to Ayurveda, which asserts that there are two universal oils for this purpose are: rose or Jasmine. As well as in colours, there are concepts "cold" and "warm" scents. But, most importantly, to appeal to your own intuition, which will suggest something suitable.
Then you must determine the basis. Jojoba oil is known for its durability. However, it is quite oily, which is not always convenient. Because alcohol is also used as a carrier substance. Perfume alcohol may be applied to the hair.
There are classical relations between the olfactory notes of the composition: top notes, middle, and end, which are added in the ratio 1:2:3. A final note, which is added the most (and which "sounds" louder) is the main oil that we already had. Second oil, it is necessary to pick up so: two different pieces of paper dip quite a bit in oil, then both delivered to the nose (but so that they do not touch each other). If the combination of love, oil miscible. It is advisable to record every step, because chances are that you will so love your perfume, then you will want to cook the same fragrant potion. The first note is the alcohol and jojoba-based. Classic combinations also not to dwell stiot - oil boggles the imagination and with some experience can produce miracles!
So, choosing the music sweet chord, you have to fill them in pre-prepared vials and dilute the resulting substance carrier basis. Here it is necessary to mix in this proportion: 10 milligrams of alcohol plus approximately 15 drops of oil and 10 milligrams of water. If you use jojoba oil, 10 milligrams of basics and 20 drops of other oils. When diluted with the same oil to others, be sure to get them good and mixed.
The last step is to give the spirits to settle about one or two weeks. After you can start them with pleasure to use.