What you'll need in the game "Minecraft" for the machine

For firearms, you will always need ammo. In the game "Minecraft" 1.5 and later you can shoot any of the listed items:

  1. Fireballs;
  2. Various potions;
  3. Arrows;
  4. More.

What will it take to make a machine in Minecraft

For creating machine you will need the following items:

  1. Stone;
  2. Red dust;
  3. Torches — 5 PCs;
  4. Earth;
  5. Repeater — 2 PCs;
  6. Distributor — 3 PCs.

How to make a slot machine in Minecraft

Start doing the machine in the game with the creation of a certain similarity of mechanism-of the engine, which will be needed to launch the projectiles. Make it easy: simply clamp in a closed circuit repeaters. That the engine has been activated, you need to use a torch.

Next put 6 stone blocks that you will need to install 3 distributor. It is worth noting that distributors are placed with an interval of one block of stone. In free blocks, you need to install torches at the end of construction. And distributors to complement a full set of cartridges. You can choose them from the list above.

Now you need to combine the already built engine and distributors. This can be done using the red dust. To sum up the mechanism, first you need to make it a fault on one side. Then you need to repeat the activation of the engine with a torch and create a contact with the distributor through the break with dust.

As soon as the torches are set to free between distributors stone blocks, starts a real shooting machine.

The pros and cons of the vending machine in Minecraft

The undoubted advantages include the strength and the power stroke, and the ability to defend against ranged attacks. Thus, the player "Minecraft" will be able at the earliest possible time to protect their territory.

The cons of the machine "Minecraft" can be called the inability of the sight and not the transportability of weapons.