Plumbing without any mods

Of course, such things are not in Minecraft have functional value, because there exist no special need. None of the gamers (or rather, their characters) in the game has no need to wash, to rinse hands, to celebrate natural needs, etc., as in virtual reality, they do not sweat and are not able to get dirty. Because the device in their home bathroom is solely for beauty.

Things in this game are made in various ways. For the most simple of them do not even need to install any special fashion. Shell obtained in the case that the inventory will have two things - a lever and boiler. However, in any case can always be crafted.

Interestingly, the boiler was originally added to the game creators for potions, but it is in this capacity was not needed because of its undue complexity. To replace him, quickly came to the brewing stand and the cauldron promised to find another use - it wouldn't take long. However, know-how, using it to shell - idea, rather, most gamers (not wishing, apparently, to such an interesting subject was not involved), rather than the "fathers" of Minecraft.

For the manufacture of the boiler need only one resource - iron ingot (obtained by smelting the ore you need in the oven). They need seven. Post in the workbench need to empty remained the Central cell and the one above it. The product is ready.

Many experienced "microfarm" known as crafted the lever, because they are often used in the construction of various structures (including private houses). Will be useful to them and to the device shell. For its production should be placed in the Central slot of a workbench wooden stick, and immediately under it is the rock.

To assemble the product very simple. You only need to install already filled with water (accumulated in any body of water) boiler on any suitable flat surface near a vertical wall. It is placed directly on the finished lever. The latter will play here the role of the faucet.

Almost a real sink with Jammy Furniture Mod

The above vanity is more reminiscent of a "marching" variant and looks a little similar to a real shell. In order to build something really resembling it will need one of the most popular among gamers mods - Jammy Furniture Mod. This modification adds to the game several new types of materials and allows you to create a variety of interesting home decor items, including plumbing.

In order to create with this mod the sink, you will need an iron ingot and four ceramic panels. This new material is obtained from clay. Six units must be placed on the workbench so as to leave empty the lower horizontal row. After a similar crafting turns a clay plate, which is for conversion to ceramic will need to burn in a furnace.

When a sufficient number of such panels is typed, we need to raise the sink. For this Central cell, the top horizontal row of the workbench, put iron ingot, and on either side of him and the two cells directly underneath four ceramic plates. The end result is a sink of type "Tulip" is on the leg.

In the Jammy Furniture Mod you can also create the kitchen sink (like the sink). For its production will require the same resources as for a similar object, for the bathroom, but the ceramic panels have one more five. They should be placed in the bottom two horizontal rows of bench (not taking the Central slot and the iron ingot in the middle cell of the top. Look like the sink, especially if you fill it with water, it will be almost real.