First of all you need to remember - dipping in the ice-hole on Epiphany is not a fad, not a cult or a drunken spree. It is a Holy sacrament, circumcision, in which people repented. It is these people and given exemption from the infirmities, spiritual and bodily, enlightenment and grace of God.

Preferably before dipping to defend the Church service, confession and communion. And with pure thoughts to entrust your body to the Holy water.

If you fulfill all rules, you will not only get a huge charge of vivacity and good mood, but budet healthy very, very long time.

1. Make sure that you are healthy and feeling good. We are basically talking about colds (of course, if you have gangrene and you go dipping for healing, it is unlikely that you will feel good).

2. Pick clothes. It should be not only warm, but comfortable. Rasstegivat quickly and easily to get dressed again. Don't forget about the hat! after dipping be sure to wear it. And it will be much easier if you take the rubber Mat below it to change.

3. The best temperature for dipping into the hole at the Baptism to -5 degrees. If frost below -10 and you're not dipped regularly (meaning more than once a year, and once a day), it is better to refrain from such extreme actions.

4. Do not jump hungry! For a couple of hours preferably loosely to eat, and immediately after the dipping is to drink no alcohol!!!, a warm tea or infusion of herbs.

5. Prior to dipping, be sure to make a small charge, a workout, warm up your muscles jump up and down, wave your kuami, poprisedayte.

6. Being in the water for about 10-15 seconds, this is enough to triple dip. And there is no need you there longer.

7. After the release of the RUB a good towel, do not wear clothes on wet body. Dry towel, get dressed and go into heat. If you are constantly, you can stay in the cold for another 15 minutes.

8. In any case, do not jump in a state of alcoholic intoxication! It may cost you your life!

And remember, dipping in the ice-hole on Epiphany - Orthodox rite. Before diving, you need three to cross. And if the man need swimming trunks, a woman is desirable to be in a nightgown, and not in a swimsuit, which fall out all her charms.