Select the most cherished desire. You should be overflowing with positive emotions. On the moon you can't make a bunch of wishes, because their energy will block the channel through which your thoughts must reach the goal. Better to concentrate on something one, in this case, you have a much greater chance of success.

It is desirable that at the time of the making of desire, the Moon was clearly visible in the sky. In this ritual a very important eye contact. You have to direct your thoughts at her. Relax, imagine that your desire has already come true. Feel how you are filled with true happiness.

Imagine that your desire is a bundle of energy that you send to the moon. Let's see how you conceived achieves the purpose and is connected with the Moon.

It is known that the human body is 60% water and the Moon has a huge impact on the state of the seas and oceans on Earth. Take a glass of melt water and put it on the window sill. Let the moonlight penetrate water and charge it with your energy. Take a glass in hand and tell the water what you dream of most in life. Speak your desire out loud and drink the water.

Formulate the desire you need very accurately, otherwise the power of the full moon can play a cruel joke with you, and you will not be happy with the fact that the hidden you came true.