1. During the conversation, you need to look in the eyes. Eye contact is a sign that you are interested in a dialogue and you support the interlocutor.

2. A relaxed smile will allow you to feel positive location to the conversation.

3. You need to keep the conversation going and never to Express your not interested in the topic openly. You cannot allow the speech of your interlocutor have turned into a monologue. During a conversation it is advisable to be polite.

4. It is not recommended to speak in exalted tones. Too quiet is also advisable not to respond.

5. In dialogue it is necessary to exclude a lie. Everything always falls into place. There is a saying that there is nothing hidden that will sooner or later become manifest.

6. To emphasize respect for the interlocutor, using as many positive words – another tip is intended to help the person become a pleasant interlocutor. You need to call the interlocutor by name. Personal treatment more acceptable for a person on a psychological level.

7. It is advisable to listen to the interlocutor up to the end. It is not necessary to kill, his opinion is necessary to make only after completion of the speech of the interlocutor.

8. It is not necessary to be too categorical to assert that source is wrong. The dialogue can take place two points of view.

9. Boasting should not be in dialogue, because this trait is always perceived negatively.

Be perfect and pleasant in conversation is not difficult. The main thing is to just be yourself and don't forget to be polite.