Politeness and tact are the signs of an educated person. Such qualities are determined by morality, based on careful and sensitive attitude to others. Learn to Express these qualities in everyday life. In addition to applying the generally accepted polite words (like thanks, please, sorry), the attitude of the people need to be in business. To give way to transport someone who was older, to help carry the load, hold the door in order to skip ahead of all these elementary actions to be automatically executed. Remember, all you need to do as you wish other people did to you.
Manifestations of tact is no less important than just polite words and actions. A considerate man will not allow to create situations that upset other people or put them in an awkward position. In all circumstances strive to abide by this principle.
Politeness is always with modesty. Even if you have a lot of talents and advantages in front of other people, never boast about it. This behavior is unpleasant to others, and it is unlikely they will consider you as a polite person. If you get into an argument never raise your voice and not prove his innocence incorrect expressions affecting the identity or ability of the opponent.
Not impose their opinions to others, everyone is entitled to their own perception. Always keep your promises and do not interfere in the Affairs of others. Be a good time to end the debate and change the subject, if the situation is heating up. Learn to admit their mistakes and apologize.
In addition to all these qualities, gentle man should have good manners. If he's going to pick your nose or slurp at the table, surrounding it will immediately classify them as ignorant and uncivilized people. Then the presence of courtesy will no longer matter as much. Learn the correct manners at the table, in a public place, etc. Control their actions until they reach automaticity.
Sincerely respectfully and selflessly to treat all the people around. Then you will earn the reputation of a polite person.