In the end, I lost weight from 65 kg to 50. Talk about how I did it, what mistakes I would have made, if to lose weight I had now, not five years ago, and why I'm not on a diet and maintain their normal weight (which is 53 kg).

It all started with the "Japanese diet". To sit on this diet-I'm going down my friend. We are not lost. We'd hang out from lack of strength and energy, has withstood about three weeks, and abandoned the diet.

Further we have the sweet - also didn't last long was the period of writing the various coursework, active learning in the University, without glucose, to think it was difficult.

Weight started to decline only when I stopped eating after six. Yes, this method helps to lose weight, of course. But to live in such a regime, if not will find something else (which will be discussed below), will have a lifetime. This method of weight loss put me in a terrible stress, especially when I've lost weight to the desired size and wanted to relax, but there it was: every evening after six, planned gatherings with friends, invitation to a cafe in the evening - only guests in advance spoiled the mood because I knew that the next day will again bulge belly, and get rid of it for a couple of days will not work. So I lived at least two years, in the evening while drinking hot tea without sugar, when my husband went to dinner after work, and I wanted to keep him company. I realized that if I want to be slim, so now I have to eat all my life, trying to finish dinner before six, and wildly frustrating, if you have to eat in the evening.

I'm surprised look back and see myself, which is sad because she was invited to dinner at the cafe. Agree, this is ridiculous. Now, if I'm hungry, I can eat and at eleven o'clock in the evening everything will be fine. As I have come to this? Tell.

One truly great day, surf the Internet, I came across a video of a girl who works as a fitness instructor as well as nutritionist. Thanks to her I've changed your lifestyle and safely maintain your normal weight and not be freaked out or in the gym (sorry, I almost impossible to do fitness, if you do something with great care, there is a very limited number of exercises that you can do without harm to my health, and I do them very rarely) or at the dining table. In food I do not limit yourself.

So that helped me go from "don't eat after six and to tidy up the metabolism:

  • First, I started to do exercise. Since I can't afford strength exercises for legs and arms, as well as cardio - I do the exercise on the abdominal muscles and gymnastics. There is a very remarkable five-minute complex of exercises for the press (video below), thanks to which I rapidly became good abdominal muscles literally about three months of regular exercise. Now I do this set once a week or even less just to maintain your muscle tone. If you can do intensive training, is a huge plus both for slimming and for the future maintaining a healthy weight, because muscle even at rest burn more calories than fat;
  • I started to drink water. Many can't force yourself to do it, saying that their body does not accept so much water (you should drink at least two liters a day). I had so much to drink, I poured the water through do not want." And you know what? After some time my body got used to use water first, and ceased to resist, then began to demand more and more. I'm surprised at myself still. Now I can easily drink 2.5 liters a day, not forcing yourself - it is turned from service in need. Therefore, I advise you to try not to give up, if you chuvstvuete that "climbs" you have so much water and drink, drink, drink... Probably in the end you get the same thing that I do: the body that cannot leave the house without a bottle of water, otherwise it will suffer thirst. To be honest, I think that drinking this amount of water and allows me to not get better. Another important point, which is eternally sitting on a diet and neededa after six thestreets to mention out loud, and I got rid of because of water: when we diet, often the body is not self-cleaning as it is supposed to every day, there are constipation. It is extremely harmful to us. So, again, to drink water is necessary, especially if you're on a diet and have the above issues.
  • I eat five to six times a day. It really works for weight loss and boosting metabolism. There are three normal meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two or three snacks a day. To tell the truth - about what I eat, I do not bother, that is not specially prepared dishes. I cook for the whole family regular food. We rarely eat fried or mayonnaise salads and eat normally. Try not to overeat, and as I noticed myself, it is much more important than what I eat. If I would need to lose weight now, I would never sit on any diet, and simply stood up from the table at the moment when I'm almost full. It is this "almost" is also very good helps to lose weight without harm to health and without dieting.

There are many more ways to lose weight and maintain the weight, accelerate metabolism, a lot of different products and recipes. But I am a pretty lazy girl, and for me, the simpler the better, so I've allocated three points, kottaym follow, and this is enough for me. Say that because I live for not less than two years, during this time I was feeling better physically (chalk it up to drinking water), and moral (because there is no stress to have time to eat before six, and the weight does not jump).

Another important point: I have never in my life missed Breakfast. Sawtrey I always! It is a law that is not broken under any circumstances. I think that a good Breakfast helps to not have harm before lunch, if you are not able to eat normal food. In my experience, among my friends, stomach problems, nastigayut those who often neglect Breakfast. But when the problem starts with the stomach, there is no weight loss. So berigite their health, not only metabolism diet system minus 60 (based on just the postulate "do not eat after six"), you can lose weight and to the mind, improving not only your figure, but without jeopardizing your health.