For starters, the lady should make it clear to their partner that she needs his protection. If he gets the opportunity to feel like a Superman, it will flatter his vanity, and he will want to continue this relationship.
From time to time to ask a young man to get something repaired or made. This will allow him to feel their usefulness and importance.
In addition, it would be better to be interested in his opinion. The young man will flatter that she appreciates not only his physical strength but also the mind.
Like guy, he was so passionate about his girlfriend, he needs confidence that it will not limit his freedom. The girl should understand his choice, tells him she loves him for what he is and is not going to change anything.
The woman in love always wants to be near his beloved. However, if she seeks to leave him for a moment, the young man may be a sense of satiety. Therefore, it is better from time to time to leave him alone to give him a chance to miss.
The majority of men believes that women only dream to wear the wedding ring, and seriously afraid of this. It would be quite nice if the girl will make it clear to your boyfriend that and scaring her unknown marriage bond. Then he realizes that she's not trying to forcibly bind him to her.
From time to time a girl needs to change. It does not matter, it concerns appearance or areas of interest - the main thing that the young man realized what an interesting and versatile personality is next to him.
In no case should not encroach on personal space man. You should not read his book or SMS in your mobile phone.
No matter how cocky it may seem guy, deep down he still is not confident. The young man just needs to know that he is loved and valued, and a girl needs from time to time to let him feel it.
If the guy is not in a bad way, and he is under stress, she must be able to encourage him and cheer him up.
When a girl is with a guy in the same company, it is necessary to attract the attention of others by brilliance of wit, interesting conversation, and personal charm. Then the young man will feel proud of their companion and will be afraid to lose her.
Really it is useful to know your boyfriend's interests and able to hold a conversation on a topic close to him. If he finds that the beloved shares his passions, he will be more appreciate and respect her.
The main thing – that young man was comfortable in existing relationship, then he doesn't come to mind to think about others.