To enter the code you must open the console by pressing "tilde" and enter the following values:

  • tgm — this code will enable invulnerability;
  • tcl code will help you to pass through walls;
  • tmm 1 code will open a map of the whole world;
  • killall — when you enter this code you'll kill all your friends and enemies in sight;
  • psb code will reveal all spells and talents;
  • advlevel — code will increase the hero's level, but will not add points to the player.;
  • tfc is designed to enable "free" camera;
  • tdetect — this code will allow the player to carry out a theft and not get any consequences for it;
  • tcai — the code will disable and enable of artificial intelligence. After you enter all stop fighting;
  • set the timescale to 0 — code is used to stop time. If instead of 0, enter 10000, then the day will last for a few seconds;
  • SexChange code will change your gender to the other, while the voice and face of the character will not change.
  • Showracemenu — this secret code will open the window of creating character, where it is possible to change: race, gender, appearance and name of the hero. In the initial versions of the game level dropped to 1 and all pumped skills declined prior to kickoff, but in the version after the introduction of this code, the level will remain the way it was;
  • player.setav invisibility 1 code will allow you to be invisible. After you enter it, you will become invisible to enemies, but friends, too, will stop to see you. To disable invisibility instead of 1, enter 0.

Cheats Skyrim that can increase the performance on a certain number of times:

  • player.modav carryweight X — code is able to increase the maximum weight carried by character X units;
  • player.setav speedmult X — code will increase the speed of movement of X%;
  • player.setscale X — code will give an increase in the growth of the hero, where X: 1 — 100%, 2 — 200% etc.;
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin 100 — this code will increase the height of jumps to 100%.
  • player.setav Health X — code sets the maximum number of lives in the X units;
  • player.setav Magicka X — code sets the maximum amount of magic into X units;
  • player.setav Stamina X — code will set the maximum number of reserve forces in the X units;
  • player.setav attackdamagemult N — this code will increase the weapon damage N times;
  • player.setav leftweaponspeedmult N — this code will increase the attack speed of the weapon from left hand to N times;
  • player.setav weaponspeedmult N — code will increase the attack speed of the weapon from the right hand to N times;
  • player.setav LeftitemCharge N — code charging the weapon from the left hand for N charges;
  • player.setav RightitemCharge N — code charging the weapon from the right hand, for N charges;
  • player.additem 0000000F N — code will get N gold.
  • player.additem 0000000A N — code will give the player the N keys;
  • player.setcrimegold 0 — code will remove the bounty on the hero.

Skyrim cheats for transformation and teleportation:

  • player.addspell 00092C48 — this code will turn the hero into a werewolf, and to use such talent will need to press the z key.To cancel such a transformation is impossible, but the reverse transformation happens over time itself;
  • player.addspell 000B8780 — this secret code will allow you to become a vampire. But this code has one flaw, the hero begins to develop the disease "Sanguinare, Vampiric". After three days the hero has a 10-20% chance of becoming a vampire. If after applying this code after three days in the "Magic" will be "Vulnerability to fire" — the hero became a vampire;
  • player.removespell 000B8780 — code will cure him from illness "Sanguinare, Vampiric" that appears after the bite. After the hero fully became a vampire, this code will not work;
  • setstage 000EAFD5 10 — this code will save the character from vampirism. Code always gets rid of vampirism, but it works only 1 time, as healing happens at the end of the quest;
  • player.moveto [ID] code allows you to teleport to any object or character;
  • coc qasmoke – code moves to the test location. In this location you can find all the items and devices that will help in the production of different items.

Codes Skyrim to restore health, magic and strength:

  • player.additem 00039BE5100 — upon entering the code the hero's health is restored to 100 units;
  • player.additem 00039BE7100 — upon entering the code magic hero will recover 100 units;
  • player.additem 00039CF3100 — when you enter the code, the reserve forces of the hero will rise by 100 units.

Cheats for game Skyrim to receive potions:

  • player.additem 00073F34100 — code to get 100 potions "Deadly poison" that causes the opponent to 65 points of damage or poison;
  • player.additem 00039D12100 — this code adds 100 potions Elixir of the enchanter";
  • player.additem 00039967100 — this code gives the hero 100 potion "the Elixir of the blacksmith".

Codes Skyrim souls:

  • player.additem 0002E4F450 code gives the hero 50 large empty soul gems;
  • player.additem 0002E4FB50 code gives the hero 50 large stones shower;
  • player.additem 0002E4FC50 — this code adds character 50 Grand empty soul gems;
  • player.additem 0002E4FF50 — this code adds character 50 Grand soul gems;
  • player.additem 0002E50050 — this code gives 50 black soul gems.

Cheats Skyrim arrows and stars:

  • player.additem 00063B2750 code adds in a backpack 50 stars Azura;
  • player.additem 00063B2950 code gives 50 black star of Azura;
  • player.additem 0003834170 code gives 70 Falmer arrows;
  • player.additem 0003418270 code gives 70 ancient Nord arrows.
  • player.additem 00020F0270 code gives 70 rusty iron arrows;
  • player.additem 00020DDF70 code gives 70 iron arrows;
  • player.additem 000139C070 code gives 70 Daedric arrows;
  • player.additem 000139BF70 code gives 70 ebony arrows.
  • player.additem 000139BE70 code gives 70 glass arrows;
  • player.additem 000139BD70 code gives 70 elven arrows.
  • player.additem 0001397F70 code gives 70 steel arrows.