"Ancient scroll" in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"Ancient scroll" in the game the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - quest item, an artifact that the player can obtain during the execution of its core tasks. To find this scroll and get it in their hands, the player must pay a visit to the "Dwemer ruins".

For starters, you want to look into the "College of Winterhold". Here you need to find a character named Harald. Naturally, just like the player no one will miss. This character needs to demonstrate to the Creek or buy a spell and apply it. Then, when the main character will need to go to the library and climb to the second floor. Here you will need to find Hurricanes-Coat, which, after a conversation will be given two books from which you can learn the location of the scroll.

They need to read and go to the Pantheon Segonia. When the player finds him, he tells that "Ancient scroll" is inside "Dwarven ruins", namely to "blackreach". Made their way through Alftand, the player enters the huge cave "blackreach". In order to find a scroll, it is enough to follow the marker to the tower Mark. There is a Dwemer Observatory, where the chest and is cherished "Ancient scroll".

After the player finds the artifact, he will need to climb the "Throat of the World", where in a special place he will be able to read this scroll and get a special skill called "Cry of Dragonboy". The artifact after receiving it it is impossible neither to read, nor to throw, but fortunately, it can be sold to the librarian Hurricanes Gro-Coat.

Solving problems with a scroll in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

One of the problems associated with obtaining "Ancient scrolls" is to bug the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. During the hero battles with Alduin (the dragon), he can not fly. It can happen in the case if requested to open the scroll and begin to move. The solution is the opposite - after reading it you need to stand still for as long as the Dragon does not fly, and the battle starts.

In addition, in this mission there is another bug. After the dragon arrives and a battle begins is also not desirable to move as a result of this error, the player will not be able to harm the dragon. Also, finding the scroll in the secondary job is also desirable, otherwise at run time the main quest it just does not appear, and therefore, the player can not pass the game to the end.