So, as mentioned above, before you start treatment, you need to find out the cause of these ulcers in the mouth. The thing is that the treatment of this disease often requires not only local application of drugs but also overall strengthening of the body, and in some cases without antibiotics not to manage.

Causes of sores in the mouth

So, mouth sores can appear as a result of development of diseases such as stomatitis and herpetic stomatitis (this is the most common causes), as well as gingivitis and necrotizing periodontitis. Ulcers can occur as a result of injury. Often rashes of this type are due to illnesses (syphilis, tuberculosis, gingivostomatit).

Once you have established the cause of the disease, you can proceed directly to treatment (in some cases, the treatment should be under the supervision of a specialist). Currently, there are many medications that can have a few days to heal the wound.

How to heal mouth sores at home

At home for the treatment of such ailments often use special solutions for rinsing the mouth. The most affordable, easy to prepare and effective is a solution based on baking soda and salt. It is necessary in a glass of boiled warm water dissolve two tablets furatsilina, then add 1/3 teaspoon salt and 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda. This solution is necessary to rinse your mouth every 40-60 minutes throughout the day. Usually the next day after rinsing the patient feels a marked improvement.

Well-proven infusion based on various medicinal herbs such as, chamomile, oak bark, calendula, thyme. For infusion you need a tablespoon of herbs pour 500 ml of hot water and leave it to cool down, rinse your mouth throughout the day every two hours.

For more effective treatment, you must apply a special ointment to help get rid of ulcers, for example, oxolinic. Good has a healing effect sea buckthorn oil. If the rash in the mouth have herpes of the character, the use of special tools in the form of acyclovir, famciclovir, valacyclovir, and so on is necessary. Do not forget about the immunity, during the period of such diseases, it is desirable to drink immunomodulatory drugs.