You will need
  • Matching thread, hook.
Crochet square to be used as an oven MITT need to take a dense thread, wool or cotton. To prepare the plastic hook is of medium thickness.
Crochet thread dial a chain of 50 loops. Then knit columns without nakida 50-60 rows in a straight line. Turning the product in the knitting process, to make sure that the lateral line remained flat. For this, every turn and knit one air loop.
When the box is ready, you can tie it on the contour of one row of columns without nakida. On the corners of the product to purl additionally 2 air loop to maintain the shape of a square. The last loop to close the Thread to trim and hide deep into the product. To set knitted square to steam iron through a linen cloth.
Crochet square coasters under hot dishes need to link two same parts in size of the dense natural fibers a thick hook. Then the finished part to sew around the edges. Knitted stand get a tight and reliable. When using this product hot kettle or pot will not ruin the surface of the table.
For more beautiful products, for example, a square napkin, you need to take bright, beautiful thread. Knit as described above. For a pattern to apply openwork binding of columns with nakida. Then square napkin will be more delicate. The size depends on the willingness of the author and purpose of the swipe. You can link several different in size and color openwork square napkins.