Before starting to knit a garment from a square of the motives, find the right model. Note the pictures of all motives – often schemes look nice, but in fact, the motive turns out rough or irregular shape. Try to associate one motive of the recommended yarn (specified in the description of the model), as well as yarn that you like in the store.

Generally, there are several ways of joining square motifs crochet. The first method is the joint with the staple motifs; the second vyvazhivanie the last row of the square and connected it with another motive.

Method one: stitching square motifs

Stitching square motifs between themselves after manufacturing the right amount is fairly simple connection method. The only negative was the rudeness of the seams between the squares. If you want to stitch motifs clothes, it is better to take a thinner thread, and the connecting stitches do not need much tightening.

It should be noted that it is best to use a stitch 'forward needle". This stitch will not give sew the motifs to warp even after prolonged use, but also from the front side is almost not noticeable. When stitching do not make large knots, securing the thread during wear jewelry knots will RUB the skin, causing discomfort.

Method two: connecting motifs with a hook

The most durable and beautiful mix of motives can be achieved by linking the last rows of the elements. Here's how: first, you are completely knit one square, then make another, but only up to the penultimate row. In the final row you will need to knit a square according to the diagram and connect it with the previous motif. With connecting bars (fit as a column without nakida, only the thread is pulled through both loops at once) the seam between the elements will not be highly conspicuous.

If you want to make the seam almost invisible, you will need to stretch the resulting vyvazhivanii connecting bar loop at the edge of the previous element.

Recommendations for the connection of crocheted square motifs

Choose a method of joining square motifs, depending on what type of yarn you use, and what thing knit. For example, if you want to make a bedspread knit from thick, warm yarn, it is best to sew items. In the manufacture of lightweight summer dresses are the ideal option would be the binding motifs crochet.