You will need
  • - a little unfinished binding motifs;
  • - threads from which the associated product;
  • pattern;
  • - needle;
  • - bobbin thread to match the product or the same yarn, wound into a smaller number of threads;
  • hook.
The descriptions usually indicate, from a number of motives associated with the product. This does not mean you have to just knit all the circles, and then bonding them together. You can certainly do so, but then the explanation will probably have to tie and sew. In order to be able to tie them with polostevichi, plain columns or columns with nakida, make a few motives, not tavaziva the last row.
Lay the slices in the order in which to attach to each other, and mentally number the. It is most convenient to begin to associate the motifs with the middle part. Take circle # 1 and will continue until the last row where it is attached to circle number 2. Define the second element of the place, which he will be attached to the first. Enter the hook into the column and pull the working thread. Depending on the pattern, place it immediately in the existing hook loop provarite two loops together, or make the column with nakida.
Continue to knit the first circle to the place where it is attached to the motive №3. Tie it similar to the second. In the same way, attach another 2-3 motif, depending on the scheme. The circle is closed. The first motive is now bound fully by the scheme, but all the others are not. Go to the motive №2. Davaite it to the place where is attached the following circle. It may happen that it is necessary to fasten together already bound to the first mug items. This is done in exactly the same polostevichi, a simple column or a column with nakida.
If you still have imposed a lot of circles together with the last row, you can proceed in several ways. Tattoo motifs in the pattern to touch each other. Choose a thread that exactly matches the color of the product. You can take the same threads, dividing the strand into several pieces. Circles sew seam "over the edge", making at each point of connection 2-3 dense quilting. Fix a thread.
When knitting products, where a few extra inches will not spoil the appearance, you can bind the individual motives exactly the same as in the first case. It will have to do an additional number. It is better to associate it with polostevichi and attach other motives. The pattern in this case is slightly changed, and the product itself becomes a little wider than intended.