Cannons in Minecraft are used to throwing long distances a variety of items, like dynamite. Appearance of the guns differs significantly from the usual appearance of this siege weapons.

To the characteristics of the guns are: built of solid blocks on the ground are unbearable. In addition, the guns can be built on the ship, and also to use a so-called "pocket gun".

In Minecraft how to make a simple gun without mods

The most simple and primitive a weapon designed to shoot dynamite. For construction you need the following items:

- solid blocks;

red dust;

- repeaters — 4 PCs.;

- bucket of water

- the button to activate the gun.

Initially find the optimal location for the cannon, as it will be naperegonki. Then we'll set up a base in the form of the T-shaped Foundation made of obsidian or other hard blocks. In the center of the framework must remain cavity in which to pour water.

With the rear end of the building put some of the blocks of the limiters that will not help to cut off the source of water when you add the dynamite. Install repeat and connect them with red dust. Button will help your gun to successfully detonate.

In the cavity of the gun, place the sticks of dynamite and a shell.

Like in Minecraft to build advanced cannon

Successfully created a simple gun is enough to improve in order to create a more powerful weapon. You will need:

- sand;

- pistons;

- red dust.

Add into the design a small amount of sand and pistons which are connected by the red dust.

Like in Minecraft to build a dynamite gun

You will need:


- dynamite;

- Redstone-torch.

The process of creating a dynamite gun is quite simple and is to obsidian to make a column height of 5-10 units, and thickness of 1 unit. The rank of obsidian create a platform on which you want to place 8 sticks of dynamite and a Redstone torch. To do this should be in the form of a square, in the center of the torch.

The principle of operation of this tool is as follows: 4 checkers in contact with the torch, then detonate and run various distances between the remaining 4 of the dynamite.