What need for guns in Minecraft

The construction of the cannons in the game Minecraft - the work is very difficult and responsible. Therefore, in addition to the materials you will need a lot of time and patience. To build a TNT cannon, you need to make the barrel, to prepare a bucket of water, repeaters, red dust and a button.

How to make a dynamite cannon in Minecraft

For the construction of cannon, find a flat area. Note here that a dynamite gun you can not budge, and therefore immediately choose to attack position and direction.
Take the obsidian and place on selected location design of ten blocks in length with near empty in the middle in the shape of the letter T. On one side of the barrel will need to place a repeater, and the other need more for beauty and symmetry (in principle, it is possible to do without it). For the barrel TNT cannon can be used not only obsidian, but also any other solid blocks.
Take a bucket of water and pour it into the resulting design, add another obsidian block up the lower part of the letter T. After you put a gun on two more blocks, you can remove the previous one. It is necessary to when you install a TNT charge not to miss and not to block the flow of water. If the water will flow out of the gun, then it will cease to cool and explode.
Install design the repeaters and connect them to red dust, put a button. Two repeaters should have the maximum delay, in the other two - at least.
To make a TNT cannon in Minecraft the other forms, you will need to experiment with the number and delay of the repeaters, as their work affects the range of the projectile.

The gun could shoot, you need a TNT charge. Put it in a ditch with water TNT checkers. Pressing the button, shoot at your enemies.

How to improve TNT cannon in Minecraft

If you managed to make a dynamite gun, then surely you have to do and better weapons. To build in Minecraft semi-automatic gun, you need to add to an ordinary weapon of the sand and pistons.
To build in Minecraft TNT cannon that will fit in your inventory, you need to download the mod Balkon''s Weapon. For making it install on the work bench iron, wood, a lighter, a stone of cores and powder.