Happiness to be happy

Without a well-known, but no less true to life observations can not do when it comes to gender relations. If a woman is interested in information on how to please your man always, so she wants to associate life with this person. So, this is serious. Hence, the answers are useful and not a recommendation to regularly visit the hairdresser and buy erotic lingerie.

Psychologists from day to day hear men and women analyze all the information and draw their own conclusions. And their conclusion is a little different from the folk wisdom: "a Man is happy when his woman happy". Of course, that your partner tends to always be in a state of happiness. So to always be attracted to him, you need to keep it easy and smile at life.

The man sees the light in your eyes, joy in the dimples. Him at this moment, for happiness does not need your fresh installation from the fashionable hairdresser and new sandals by famous fashion designer! Men do not like when women constantly complain, blame on their shoulders all the problems that require immediate solutions. But they are in awe of ladies that can cope with small troubles and bad mood yourself.

Women's love and feelings men

The love of a woman, tender, caring warmth that comes from it, is so appreciated by men, which no grooming can not replace them. In the wife the husband wants to find a mother and a mistress, and the friend of your life. To him like constantly, you need to skillfully combine these three persons. Women need to be very sensitive to understand that a man needs at the moment. For example, if he comes in completely exhausted after work, surround it with motherly care and friendly participation. It is unlikely at this point, the man will answer your romantic fantasies. These sensitivity and understanding of what your loved one valued most in the relationship.

If with all this you still manage to look 100 percent, the man will never be disappointed in this woman. But to talk about your efforts not worth it, especially no need to start a conversation about sales dresses and discounts on cosmetics. It is bitter, but man I wonder exactly what he is interested. So you need to have the ability to maintain a conversation on the topic offered by the partner.

And if the man is not too interested in your achievements at work and on the farm, the depreciation of his merits he will not tolerate ever! Want to please him always, praise and exaggerate his achievements. It does not spoil men, on the contrary, they inspire the desire to make to you something pleasant to accomplish even more.