All that you will do to attract the attention of your husband, do it primarily for themselves.
A man should never know that you fight for it. Let him think whatever he wants about your activities.
Men tend to want to be hunters. Your husband should experience the same feeling like "prey", that would seem to have captured, forever, suddenly escapes right from under his nose. But don't overact. Need to stay a certain Golden mean ' Yes, dear, of course I'm interested, but I have other important interests.
Take care of your appearance and clothing. Because often in the rush of feelings women are willing to open to her husband all of myself without reserve. So the man starts to think that his wife knows it as "flaky". And since everyone knows nothing new and can not wait. What in this case can be passion...
Therefore, periodically a small revolution appearance. Buy what you previously seemed just wrong. For example, jeans with a butterfly of beads all ass or handbag with the logo of playboy. Get maximum pleasure.
Cultivate your intellect and defend the independence. Surely there is a topic or subject that interests you, but you do not have enough time. Take care of it immediately. Maybe have unread books or unwatched movies. Read, look, absorb new experiences. And emotions not discuss with her husband and with girlfriends. The man need to be one sentence-statement about your inner growth, the satisfaction of your curiosity and interest.
Escape from the house. Once a week, attend some classes, get a subscription to fitness, swimming pool. In this case, your husband should know that this is a sacred time favorite. At least the earthquake, the deluge - you still going to sing, or dance. And this place should be private from Your husband. He might know where it is, but no more.
Nurture their healthy sexuality. Create a new habit - sometimes to follow my own fantasies.