Try to keep in relationship with my husband intimate secrets, do not have to share with him all the most secret, for this is the intimate friend. You must have your own area of the soul, where the husband is not allowed. In moments of intimacy communicate with your loved using his hands, smile, look.
Don't become a husband to a loving mother don't share their maternal instincts on a beloved man, not disparage it, even if you are very worried about him. Stay for him, always weak, fragile woman just want to love and protect, pamper and caress. Always underline and note those daily feats that he does in your honor.
Do not lose your sex appeal and always take care of yourself and your appearance. If you have the choice to arrange General cleaning in the apartment or spend time in the Spa, always choose a salon. Relaxed and rested there, get you through the day, cleaned the apartment two times faster, better and in a good mood. Eliminate from your home wardrobe of old-lady Bathrobe and sweat pants with extended knees.
Don't sulk over nothing and don't allow yourself to succumb to a bad mood, gloomy, eternally dissatisfied wife is unlikely to cause your spouse a passionate desire, as attractive, cheerful, easy on rise woman, filled with vitality. And never punish your husband lack of sex, is one of the most common mistakes. Feel free in bed. Behind the doors of the marital bedroom you together all over the world. Show your trust and love him, and do not restrain their desires and erotic fantasies.
Keep your personal life, your interests and Hobbies, your social circle and your friends. Nothing attracts and excites not a man as the knowledge that his woman attractive and desirable to others that it is of interest to all want to communicate.