As you know a lot of players, 1 black pearl is in reality equal to 1 cent. But not so easy to find him. There are special places, destroying or winning you can profit.

Ruins and Argireline in my lands

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The most easy way to earn in my lands — to plunder the ruins. The benefit of them in the game very much. In order to do this, you need to find the ruins of from 1 to level 6, kill all the monsters in it and plunder it. But to get from that activity many pearls the few who succeed. Because the distribution of currency occurs by chance. And you can spend a lot of time killing monsters in the ruins level 6, to mere pennies.

For those who really want to earn in my lands, you need to find Argireline. It is a ruin, having 7th level. Finding it and looting, you can earn about 30000-40000 black pearl. Simple calculations will show that in reality, these pearls would be $300-400. It is necessary to accept that 1 destruction will get a good benefit.

How to make real money in the game My lands at auction

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If the player has accumulated about 10000000 coins you can spend them at the auction, acquiring black pearls. By the way, the usual gold coins to the game is quite simple: just play, robbing various structures or to perform special tasks.

Gold will need a lot because the other players also participate in the auction, increasing the bid for pearl.

Profitable salt lake in the game My lands

my lands

If a player engaged in their army is constantly expanding and improving it, then you can grab salt lake. But competition in these lakes is large, so well-developed army will be very opportunely. Once the lake is breached, it will start to bring the income of 20 cents per hour. It turns out that in 24 hours it will bring $4,80.

How to make real money in the game

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There is another clever way of earnings. It will require WebMoney purse and a well-developed army. Many players constantly need to improve your faction rating needed for special assignments. As to the rating to need to defeat someone else's army. Someone spends a huge amount of time on the development of your troops and improve rankings, but other players approach this issue much easier. They simply buy their victory from the enemy. The deal is simple:

  • The player who needs to improve fractional rating, writes on the official forum of the query;
  • Another player comes into communication with the first and offers his services;
  • Battle takes place where the second player simply takes no action, and therefore losing;
  • The winning player pays the losing money on WebMoney.