The simplest way of earning is killing mobs and picking up the money, drop them, and drop. The higher the level of the killed mob you in relation to you, the more money you will get for killing him. Thus, with this method of earning it is recommended to start. After you receive the blessing of the elders, go destroy mobs second and third level – you will get more money for their extermination, when you are on the first level, rather than later. Similarly, it is recommended to do when obtaining experimental armor – getting them go to fight mobs one or two level higher than yours.
The second stage of the earnings can be designated receiving professions of herbalist, alchemist, burglar, hangman, and many others. Using some of the profession, you will be able to extract resources for subsequent sale, and with the help of others, you will be able to provide services by charging them a fee. This stage can be attributed to the sale of such game resources, like mushrooms Siski, slime Herralde korra, services of setting MOROKOV, and such an unusual way of earnings, as the transcript nicknames, creation legends, both personal and clan, as well as the creation of the icons of the clan. All this applies to small ways of earning, consuming a large amount of time at a relatively low profit.
Separately it is necessary to take assistance in completing quests, as well as joint going to the instances. The cost of these services varies greatly and depends on your level and the complexity of a specific instance or quest.
After accumulating a certain amount of money, you can make a choice in favor of one of two options: purchase the blue or green armor, followed by the surrender of their lease, or lending. And that, in either case, your profit depends on the amount of money in circulation. Remember that each transaction must be executed at Custody, otherwise you run the risk of becoming a victim of "kidalovo" or to banks for financial pumping.