To get started, answer yourself a simple question: do you like it? If he attracts you as a man and causes a desire to become better acquainted – reciprocity preferences are obvious. But if he dislikes you or is it something troubling, listen to this feeling. This fan, especially if he abuses the annoying suggestions, it is better to fight back at the initial stage of communication. Women's intuition is a little stronger than men's, so even if he is handsome with a good salary and a brilliant mind, but you are not attracted to him – it is better to abandon the prospects of romance with him. Anyway, nothing good will come of it.
If the man you pleasant attentions on his part give you pleasure, try to tease him, light in him the instinct of the hunter. Man is by nature a producer, he is supposed to succeed in all possible ways. But only if the lady don't mind... Here and show him that you like his advances. Graceful compliment, smile at a meeting or by a light touch of your hand further whet it. A man will see that he is nice to you and will try to make a better impression. He will fill you with sweets, bouquets and surprises. But you do not apply mind that is ready to jump into his arms!
Don't jump into his bed on the first date, if you want to make your acquaintance grew into a serious relationship. The biggest mistake girls on the first date becomes the fear of failure potential partner – "and suddenly he gets mad and dumps me because of this?". No, if he treats you with respect, take your decision with dignity and wait. Calmly explain to the man, as soon as your kisses go too far, you want to know him better before putting the relationship to a new plane. A man worthy of your attention, will understand your offer.