First, you need to first think about their feelings and to decide what kind of relationship I would like to have this particular young man. You can just feel a physical attraction, you can add guy to the list of losers, you can feel the kinship. Depending on the kind of feelings and goals necessary to continue to use different tactics.Secondly, you need to gather information about the young man. The methods varied – from a careful survey of common acquaintances to search through social networks and on search sites. This allows you to assemble a dossier on the guy. Is there any way to record on the pages of his personal diary. Accumulated knowledge about a hobby, profession, preferences and the nature of men, you can see that the image will emerge more clearly. Then it will be easier to find similarities with those who have already had to deal with. It does not guarantee success by itself, but it will be easier to communicate. It is good to determine the psychological or even personality type. In the latter case, it is even possible to find in the Internet the recommendations of expert-socionics is about how to appeal to each of the 16 types of men.Third, you need to take action. If a guy needed for a short relationship is to behave frankly provocative. Will fit short skirts, cleavage (not at the same time), shooting eyes and smiles with a look askance. Then you need a discreet way to leave him a business card with the phone. If he's interested, he'll call. If you just want to conquer a guy, then use the technique of "hot-cold", that is, to behave something provocative, something strictly official.The hardest case is when you want a serious relationship. In order to motivate the guy seriously provocative behaviour should be avoided. It is best to create a relaxed feminine look, that is light, lyrical and tender. No "power" intonations and accusations in someone's address, you need to feel quiet and kind lady. A good show of embarrassment during a conversation with a guy from time to time lowered his eyes, as if slightly intimidated by him, only it must be without giggling and nervousness. Practice in front of a mirror. Then you need to prepare the guy's questions from the sphere of his profession or Hobbies and ask them to him, trying not to imagine myself as a connoisseur in this field, even if behind the thesis on the subject. Of course, all to the end do not understand, and therefore ask for an email address. Having an email address, you can do a lot to set up a meeting to talk about yourself or even a Declaration of love. Most importantly, your relationship will develop.