How to remove the lashes at home with cream

The simplest way to remove eyelash extensions is a regular cream. You need to choose a cosmetic with a high proportion of fat. When applying this cream on the eyelashes, oily environment dissolves the glue holding the brush. After about 5-10 minutes, the glue dissolves and the lashes themselves will disappear. The easiest way to apply the cream with cotton swabs, thoroughly accurately the base of each cilia.

Removal eyelash extensions oils

The principle impact of oil is the same as the cream. But oil and nourish your own lashes. It is best to use olive or castor oil. The more that the beneficial properties of these oils has long been known. The withdrawal process will be somewhat longer than when removing the cream. Therefore, the procedure is best done before bed and in the morning the eyelashes will fall off themselves. Also apply oil to the eyelashes with a cotton swab or a stick.

How to remove the lashes at home using professional products

If scared to experiment, you can use a professional tool — debender. Price it low, so can not afford to buy debander can each woman, build himself cilia. Compared to creams and oils, debander dissolves even the most stubborn adhesives. Use it clear instructions. Slightly wetted with water cotton must be fixed under the lower eyelid. A cotton swab or a stick to apply debander on the lashes. This should be done gently and carefully, as this means even when applied correctly, will be slightly pinch the skin. After the required time necessary rinse eyes under running water. After removing lash extensions by dibanderol, stick a new one in just a few days.