Select the lashesthat want to stick. Do not buy cheap false eyelashes in the first stall or shop – their quality leaves much to be desired. In addition, they may contain allergens. Better buy eyelashes , and tools in a specialized store, where you will never sell a fake.
Pay attention to the choice of glue. Sometimes he comes in the kit with the eyelashes, and sometimes it needs to be purchased separately. When buying glue, carefully read its composition will ensure that there are no harmful components in case of contact with skin or eyes can cause irritation.
Read the instructions for use and check the package label "hypoallergenic". Keep in mind that the technique of eyelash extensions in a salon and at home is very different, so for best results, carefully follow all instructions.
Refrain from eyelash extensions in that case, if your lashes are very weak (and then artificial will last very long), if you have diseases of the eyes and skin.
Thoroughly cleanse skin of makeup and sebum – they will not let the lashes stick firmly. Fully degrease the skin.
Carefully read the instructions supplied with the tools for eyelash extension. But better read the manual twice. Usually in a set for escalating of eyelashes are bundles or as individual lashes. Such individual eyelashes need to stick one, two or three.
Find yourself a mate. The fact is that when gluing the eyelashes, the eyelids should be lowered. It is unlikely that you will get yourself to stick yourself eyelashesif your eyes are closed. Perhaps your mother, sister or friend will agree to help you. Explain the principle of operation.
You need tweezers to take a bundle of eyelashes or individual eyelash, dip the tip in glue and stick in between the real lashes. Need to move from the outer corners of the eye to the inner. The cilia need to stick evenly, leaving no blank spaces or unnecessary accumulations in one place.
Only when the sticking of the lashes is finished, open your eyes.