Use special products for removing makeup from the eyes. In any case do not rinse the mascara with the lashesand the makeup, with soap. Always use specific cosmetic products for make-up remover. Select them under the type of mascara - waterproof or normal.
Choose the type of funds individually. This can be a lotion, liquid or two-phase liquid butter. Sensitive skin needs gentle milk for regular will fit any vehicle. If it has caused an allergic reaction, immediately refrain from further use.
Swipe a cotton pad on the eyes without stretching the skin. Moisten cotton wool with remover makeup. Do not try to pour it as much as possible. Apply a few drops on the center of the disk, then attach it to a private eye for twenty seconds. This technique enables less traumatic eyelid, because the ink will soften and easy to get away with eyelashes. Do not RUB the eye very active. Swipe a cotton pad from the outer corner to the inner, but not in the reverse direction. Repeat a few times. Then swipe lashesam from top to bottom. Wipe the lower eyelid. If necessary, use two or three cotton pad.
Try to use make-up remover to soften the mascara with water. Moisten hands with warm water, put your fingers to lasham. Repeat this several times, after the third start run your fingers over the lashesam from top to bottom, removing part of the carcass. Then moisten a cotton disk tool and wipe his eyes. This approach will ensure a better flushing of the ink from the lashes.
After removing mascara from eyelashes wash your face with cleanser that is suitable for removing eye makeup. This way you will remove any excess mascara that could leave marks on the face (around the eyes). Wipe face with a soft towel and moisten with cream.