Before you go to the fabric store, try to answer a few questions. Determine what kind of space you are going to sew the curtains. The choice of fabric largely depends on it. For the kitchen window suitable light curtains of cotton or linen fabric. They create a happy mood, and in addition, a well-cleared. Synthetic is not very relevant, because the curtains can get a spark, boiling oil, etc.

The main goal of the curtains in the bedroom to ensure peace. They should be pretty tight, especially if someone from the family members working the night shift and often rests during the day. It is better to choose thick fabric and soothing colour tones. The curtains in the nursery should be dark and gloomy. Material for curtains that will decorate your living room, depends on the overall style of the room. It is appropriate everything from classic velvet to linen undyed, if the room is decorated in a folk style. The better you are prepared to draw a sketch for each window. This will help to determine whether you need two sets of curtains – tight and sheer, or you decide to settle for one set.

Measure your Windows. You need to know the length of the cornice and the expected length of the product. The amount of material depends on the type of curtains. The Windows rarely hang straight cloth without any folds and assemblies. Light curtains can be simple assemblies. To determine the amount of fabric you need the length of the cornice multiplied by 1.5. That is, if you have a window width of 2 m, you need to close the distance at least 3 m. the standard width curtain fabric 2.1 m you will need 2 lengths of products, plus 20 cm for processing the top and bottom. If the blinds will fold, the length of the cornice multiplied by 2 or 2, 5.

Regardless of where you will hang your curtains, the fabric needs to drape well. In addition, it should not stretch and change shape. Usually, a special drape fabric these conditions correspond. Note the percentage of natural and synthetic fibers. All-natural fabrics for curtains is not always good, because they have the properties to stretch, especially if we are talking about a large volume of heavy curtains. In the kitchen, of course, you can hang curtains made of cotton, satin and even Batista. The materials, consisting exclusively of synthetic fibers, the shape is kept, but does not leak air and not very successfully trap dust, but this is one of the functions of the curtains. Therefore it is better to select the blended fabric, wherein the content of synthetic fibres does not exceed 50%.

As for the picture, it all depends on the features of the room. The bedroom curtains should not do variegated, large bold pattern will interfere with the rest. In the children's pattern can be bright – balls, cubes, toys, animals, etc. would be interesting to consider the curtains. Classic curtains for living room are usually plain or with faint pattern, including embossed. But there are colorful curtains, and even sewed from scraps.

As for the transparent curtains, the choice of the modern housewife is quite large. Classic tulle, organza, tulle in different colors, guipure – is where to turn. Sheer is good because it can never handle. The advantages of tulle is a wide canvas, the exquisite pattern and is ideal for curtains fabric structure.