Advice 1: Child menu in 10 months

Food ten-month-old child should be varied - it is recommended to include meat and fish dishes, mashed potatoes vegetable, fruit, for the development of chewing reflex - crackers.
Child menu in 10 months
From the ten kids nutritional standards are already quite individual. The more active the child, the more appetite he will eat. Moms usually well informed about the needs of their children, so it is easy to determine the volume of each of the meal that they are going to offer the child.

Sample menu for a child of ten months

For a ten month old baby's food should be well balanced, with a sufficient mineral content. Allergenic products should be avoided. You should not give your baby sweets, bought in a store. In addition, should not be included in the baby food pickles, smoked and spicy dishes.

In the menu it is better to keep the five-time diet baby.

The first morning consists of feeding formula or breast milk. If the interval between the reception of the mixture with Breakfast child requires anything else, you can give him juice or herbal tea. And hunger will be muted, and the kid is accustomed to a certain routine.

Breakfast suited rice, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with milk or curd with the addition of fruit puree.

Lunch can be prepared: first course – vegetable broth, the second – meatballs of dietary varieties of meat, such as veal, beef or poultry. As a side dish to make children pasta or vegetables. One or two times a week, you can steam fish cutlets, a souffle.

For dinner offer the kid half boiled chicken egg yolk, mashed fruit or vegetable. Add to the dish."

Before bedtime fit the breast milk or yogurt.

Useful tips

If the baby wakes up very early, around the time of feeding to better observe this: since six o'clock in the morning, to arrange the child a meal every four hours. That is: 6-00, 10-00, 14-00, 18-00, 22-00. If the baby wakes up later, simply slide the feeding time. Try to bring the diet to adult – kids like to eat with their parents.

Semolina in the diet of the child ten months old is not recommended in the diet it can be entered not earlier than one year. Useful substances in it, almost there, but carbohydrates are in a large quantity.

Part of breast milk is convenient to replace yogurt. It is very useful for baby as it improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Kefir is much easier digested milk in the diet it is possible to enter the eight month age. To year instead of yogurt can be served cow's milk.

It is impossible to overfeed your baby before bedtime – a heavy meal it will be restless sleep.

Advice 2 : What should be the mode of the day a 10-month-old baby?

Mode day 10-month-old child consists of a succession of feedings, sleep and wakefulness. Per day a child needs to sleep a total of 13-15 hours, periods of wakefulness should not exceed 2.5-3.5 hours, and the interval between feedings 2 to 4 hours.
What should be the mode of the day a 10-month-old baby?

For every child his regime

There is no clear single instruction for all children. However, it is not necessary, because every child has its own temperament, character and grows in its own unique conditions and traditions of the family. No wonder the who (and our moms in most agree with this organization) recommends feeding on demand. This means that the child is eating when I want and as much as I want. Because, to anticipate the wishes of the child cannot, does not make sense and be clear agenda.

However, a few months after birth, one way or another each baby develops its own routine. In fact, it is convenient to the parents, because the child is formed and fixed habits. In addition, by 10 months babies use a few lures, the introduction of which places greater demands on the regime of the day the mother and child.

Proceeds from the fishing lures

So lures should be phasing out breast feeding from the day diet 10-month-old baby. For the gradual extinction of lactation is better to alternate lures and breastfeeding. On this basis, to 10 months the average child in the 3 foods. Between feeding and breast-feeding is recommended period of at least 2 hours.

Day dream of the baby at this age should be 2-3 times, it usually follows after feedings. At night, the baby sleeps about 9 hours. With up to 5 times a night to eat. Night feeding is occur half asleep. The child begins to toss and turn, sometimes cheep – then offer him the breast.

Based on the current pattern of feeding and sleeping, between them it is necessary to allocate 1-2 walks in the fresh air, the periods of wakefulness at home, games, exercises, and hygienic procedures. So, bathing is better done before bed and massage and gymnastics in the morning. However, at night you can also make the baby a light relaxing massage. If you teach diving in a bathtub, then training is best done in the morning, after waking up, before eating.

Walking children usually sleep well, so plan them right after a feeding so that at the end they could return home to a new meal. Among the home games spread moving, emotional (morning) and calm (night).

The approximate mode

Based on the foregoing, an exemplary mode of the average healthy child will look like this:
8.00 am – Wake up, wash (training, snorkeling)
9.00 – feeding
10.00 am – first NAP
11.00– massage, gymnastics
11.30 - home games
12.00 – 13.00 – breastfeeding
13.00 – first walk, second day dream
15.00 – 16.00 – feeding
16.00 – home games
18.00 – breastfeeding
19.00 – second walk, third day dream
20.00 – home games
21.00 – 22.00 – feeding
23.00 – bedtime routine, hygienic procedures
24.00 – breastfeeding
24.00 – 8.00 – sleep 2-5 night feedings
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