Most pediatricians believe that children's cookies before the year is unnecessary and it's at the whim of the parents. The fact that cookies for kids is often added sugar and additives that are not needed at this age, also cookies may contain gluten which is an allergen.

But if your baby tolerates many products to treat it in cookies sometimes.

When introduced into the diet of cookies

According to the recommendations of the Institute of nutrition, cookies in a child's diet can be administered no earlier than 7-8 months. When soaking cookies in milk is allowed to age for 5 months.

Cookies can be an additional source of nutrients and vitamins, which are not enough breast milk or formula. If the baby was teething, biscuits will help to learn how to chew and will ease the itchy gums.

What kind of cookies to choose

Nursing mothers and children with allergies often recommend the biscuits "Zoological" and "Maria" as the most hypoallergenic products. However, reading composition, in addition to flour and water there you can find egg whites, condensed milk and other additives, which are not hypoallergenic.

Popular cookies "porn" contains milk, eggs and gluten. These products are in the first places by the number of allergies. The twins "Baby" with an identical composition: biscuit "Grow big" and "Hippo Bondi".

More or less spare part of children's cookies." It does not contain eggs and food additives, refined sugar replaced by sugar cane, and is present in vitamin B1, is necessary for proper growth and development of the child.

The cookie company, Heinz can also be called gentle, but it includes vanilla, which can cause allergies.

You can bake the cookies yourself. However, pediatricians do not recommend doing it, as for the production of baby biscuits are special products. Besides in house conditions it is difficult to achieve consistency, melting in your mouth.

So does my baby need a cookie?

Reading the packages of cookies, you almost always meet milk and gluten, which most other products cause allergies in children. Many brands add sugar, which can cause fermentation in the gut, causing bloating and discomfort.

Following the recommendations of doctors, you shouldn't give cookies to a child younger than 8 months. And if you want to give him something to chew, better to replace biscuits soaked drying or to choose a gentle biscuit, having carefully studied the composition.